Lawyer presents to courtroom and judge

NSW Young Lawyers enhance their presentation skills with NIDA Corporate

This year, NIDA Corporate has partnered with The Law Society of New South Wales, to provide their young lawyers with an opportunity to learn practical techniques to enhance their leadership style, present with confidence, and improve professional communication style in a variety of contexts.

Designed exclusively for NSW Young Lawyers, the four-part masterclass series kicked off on 15 February 2017, with a session on presenting with confidence.

We interviewed Liesel von Molendorff, Head of NSW Young Lawyers and Graduate Services at the Law Society of NSW, to discuss how the first masterclass went.

Tell us four things the Presenting with Confidence masterclass taught you.

  1. Excellent practical techniques to manage nerves and improve presentation style
  2. Tips on how to have greater confidence when presenting
  3. Keeping your audience engaged with enthusiasm and clear communication
  4. Using the correct visuals to keep interest and enhance your message

How have your members benefited from this class, both professionally and personally?

The outcomes are directly applicable in all aspects of their professional and personal lives.

It gave them the tools to manage their nerves and improve on how they communicate in meetings, deal with their clients, give presentations and appear in court.

It gave them the tools to help them plan and prepare better to become more confident and effective in what they need to deliver.

How was this class different from other public speaking classes your members have previously attended?

The environment and style of delivering the class was done in a more effective, interesting and positive way. The trainers were more engaging and kept the audience focused. They provided interesting tips throughout the class like on how to focus attention on the key issues while gaining audience acceptance of your message. And exercises were done in a way where you could learn techniques that will help you with any situation.

I found the structure of the NIDA Corporate course more open, and including things like speech techniques, tension release and how to get your energy levels up was extremely useful.

It was a great experience, great environment and well worth the investment. I found the NIDA Masterclass to be directly applicable in all aspects of my professional and personal life.

NSW Young Lawyers can register for one (or more) of the remaining three sessions here.