Helping women achieve the next level of success

by Guest Blogger, Steph Webster, cofounder of Miss Collective

NIDA Corporate and Miss Collective are collaborating at the Level Up conference in Melbourne in March. Miss Collective, are all about helping women level up in their careers, connect to like-minded women and also help give back to the next generation of professional women.

‘For us, founding Miss Collective was a way for us to give support to those in our industry. Being in a male dominated industry, and having a lack of senior female role models, it’s often hard to find someone to back you and help you achieve that next level of success. We wanted to create opportunities for women to meet like-minded women and help encourage them to back themselves for that next opportunity, whether it was through helping them tactically skill up, or by networking and finding someone that would help mentor them through that next opportunity.

Level Up is a collation of many wonderful speakers from a range of contacts we have gathered through my cofounder Kara Jenkins, and my time in advertising, marketing and digital. From finance to travel, marketing, health & wellness, small business and startups, we find our conference covers a range of relevant topics for the attendee such as mentoring, health, equality in tech and career growth. Set in the amazing waterfront venue of The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron at St. Kilda, there really is no other conference quite as boutique as ours.

We are more than thrilled to be collaborating with NIDA Corporate for the first time this year to bring to Level Up the workshop ‘The Rapport Rehearsal,’ which is a practical keynote that helps our audience to overcome the fears and anxieties around networking, and enhance the quality of their interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions.

Networking can be daunting for some, and so trying to provide practical and encouraging ways for our audience to tackle networking was important to us. One thing I wish I’d known at a younger age in my career, was to understand what growing a network meant. I did it organically through my career as I genuinely cared about the people I worked with and met through the industry. I actively had coffees and chatted with them at events. What I didn’t know then, was that I was building a formidable network.

A few key principles that I’ve learned around networking is that you have to be genuine about the connection you make with someone. Don’t just talk about yourself the whole time and then excuse yourself from conversation! Actively ask them questions, actually listen to what they’re saying and weave that back into conversation with them. One of my favourite tips is to repeat their name back to them when they introduce themselves. It helps you remember their name at a later stage as it’s easier to recall yourself saying their name.

We are looking forward to seeing another high calibre group of women on March 15 at the Level Up Conference, and can’t wait to network with everyone!’

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