Five influential communication techniques you’ll learn at NIDA Corporate’s Masterclass at Future of Work 2017

NIDA Corporate’s Art of Leadership workshop at Future of Work 2017 is designed to introduce you to the practical techniques that actors utilise to influence and engage their audience.

During the session, you will have the opportunity to work with expert NIDA tutors to enhance your ability to communicate effectively as a leader. We take a look at the five communication techniques utilised by leaders that you’ll learn by attending the Masterclass:

  1. Making a strong entrance

When you approach a podium to speak, or the front of a room to present, you can have the ability to turn a noisy and distracted crowd into an engaged audience. Certain movements, facial expressions, gestures and presence can result in the audience quietening in readiness for you, before you have to say a word. It is more than politeness on their part. Stand tall, open, calm, at home.

  1. Moving from shallow breathing to deep breathing

Your breathing plays a vital role in your vocal delivery, allowing you to be concise, deliberate and charming. It will enable you to deliver with range and ease, and will help create the perfect tool to express your key messages as an engaging narrative.

  1. Warming up your vocal chords

Your vocal chords require attention before a speaking engagement or presentation. They are the energy behind your voice. Speakers, leaders and presenters know that they are a vital instrument in helping to deliver messages with confidence and assuredness. Never run out of vocal steam again.

  1. Finding your centre

A balanced leader is an effective leader. Speaking from a place of ease will help your gestures work in unison with your voice and allow your gait to command attention.

  1. Speaking with passion

Having the audience hang on your every word, hungry for more, spells speaking success. Envelop your words with passion, and the high levels of engagement will follow. Take your audience on a journey – one that ends with enthusiastic applause. You can be an inspiration.


You may just begin to realise that there is something in you that can help you become a better leader: i.e. presence. Presence is embodied through repetition, and the rehearsal of behaviours that elicit respect, confidence and faith in purpose. For purpose, undoubtedly, is the future of work.

The Future of Work conference brings together world-class thinkers and practitioners in an exciting combination of keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities. Exploring innovation, adaptation and the opportunities of the 21st century, Future of Work is designed to provide tools and ideas for you to increase productivity, embrace opportunity and prepare your workplace for rapid changes.

Condensed into one thought-provoking day and held at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus, 2017’s event promises content from leadership experts, with a few surprises along the way.

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